May 1 Dinner Results

Hello, Prime Timers

We had a lovely dinner Friday (May 1) at The City Limits Pub in Wallace. Lots of laughter and fun!

We are working on summer activities. If there is an event that you think the Prime Timers would enjoy, let me know and I will send out the details.  If there is an activity you would like to share with other Prime Timers let me know the when and where.  Being a host of an event is very easy.  You get to pick the time and place, I send out an email for others to join, I let you know who is coming, and you meet and go!  You are not responsible for anything except sharing you joy of the activity!!

We did have sign-up sheets for some events at the dinner, but I will also send out notices when the events are going to happen as soon as I get that information.

We did elect two new board members at our annual meeting.  Dana Stiegemeier and Jean Cisneros were elected for a 3 year term.  Tom Harman is still President, Onnie is VP, Ric Clark is our Treasure, Peggy McReynolds…well you know that!  Also on the board is Carol Peterson, Bill Hebert, and Sharon Morrison.

Also at the meeting the members voted to donate $500 to the Lookout Free Ski School.

“Peggy Mac”
Peggy McReynolds
Secretary, Lookout Prime Timers

Welcome to Prime Timers Club


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