Hello Lookout Prime Timers,


This is our 1st year to start our Lookout Prime Timers 2009.

President = Gail Jensen  = 772-3072

VICE       =  Rob Crockett = 208 773-3083

Secretary = Onnie Crockett = 208 773-3083

Treasurer = Suzie Ferguson = 2087 765-5086

We wrote Entity Department, Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Treasury, Internal Revenue Services 343 G, Cincinnati, Ohio 45999-0023 for a Taxpayer ID Number and received it 12 Feb 2009.

We open a bank  account non profit with our ID number.

Our 1st year we had about 30 members getting started.  Lookout Pass Mt is a  great Mt. to work with for our group.  The more LPT the better.

For our 1st year we  would be trial and error.  We checked out other Prime Timer Club in Spokane, Wa  which has a wonderful  Prime Timers programs operating for many years.

Thank you Lookout Mt for helping us be able to form a Lookout Pass Mt Prime Timers Clubs.


Suzie Ferguson