Hello Prime Timers,

Our season has started early this year.  Lookout Mt. has been open for a couple of weeks.  We need to do a snow dance for more snow.  This year we will wear Gold Ribbons to recognize another Lookout Prime Timers on the Mountain.

President    =  Tom Harman  208 753-1351   Vice  =  Onnie Crockett 208 659- 4125                  Secretary  =    Peggy McReynolds    Treasury  =  Ric Clarke      208 660-8720

Use the following email to contact the club:


Please support these new officers as they will be leading us thru the year 2014.  Dues are Single $ 15 and couples $ 25.  Our dues will be due any time from now during ski season 2014.  We are a group whom love to do social and different activity.  We have winter and summer event all year long.

Schedule Gatherings @ Loft 11:30  Pacific Time Schedule Lunches are 2 time a month  one Friday and Monday.  Prime Timers receive a  $.50 off drinks in the loft, $.50 coffee 10 % off food with your LPT badge.

Our 1st lunch will be Dec 13th. until the new year. You must be a member to partake.

2014        Prime Timers ski Days Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays

 JAN  Thr 2nd = Mon 6th = Thr  9th = Fri 10th  = Thr 16th = Fri 17th = Mon 20th = Thr 23rd = Fri 24th = Mon  27th = Thr 30th = Fri 31st                                                                            FEB    Mon 3rd = Thr 6th  = Mon 10th = Thr 13th = Fri 14th = Thr 20th =  Fri 21th = Mon 24th  =  Thr 27th = Fri 28th                                                                                                        MAR   Mon 10th = Thr 13th = Fri 14th  =Thr  20th = Fri  21st = Mon 24th = Thr 27th =    Fri 28th = Mon 31st.                                                                                                                            APR Thr 3rd = Fri  4th = Sat 5th = Sunday 6th = until end of season weekends only.

Lunch dates  11:30 Pacific Time = JAN Lunch =  3rd Friday =  13th Monday                       FEB Lunch =  7th Friday =  Mon 17th                                                                                             MAR Lunch = Fri 7th = Mon 17th                                                                                                     APR Lunch = 4th Lunch 

Come and join us for a fun filled ski season.