Summer Events 2015

June 12,  Friday:   Golf at CDA City Golf Course 
Host:  Suzie F.   208-765-5086

June 25, Thursday: Hike to Revette Lake
Host: Tom H.  208-753-1351
We should meet in the parking lot at the top of Thompson pass at 10 o’clock, then proceed to the trail head.

June 29, Monday:  Bike Ride Trail of the Hiawatha
Host:  Hanzi

July 10, Friday:  Bike Ride Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes
Host:  Jean Cisneros    509 990-5907  

July 18, Saturday:  Summer Party
Host:  D. Atkinson   208-659-4125    

July 24, Friday:  Canoe/Kayak
Host:  Ellie A      208-783-1804    

July 18, Saturday:  Bike Lookout/St. Regis
Host:   Mike W.      208-215-5733            

August 7, Friday    Lookout Picnic
Host:  Suzie F     208-765-5086             

August 3 or 10 (to be announced) Monday:  3 Boats  CDA / Harrison                         Host:  Suzie F:   208-765-5086       

August 22, Saturday              Terrace Party
Host: Jean Cisneros     509 990-5907                        23rd Aug

No date yet:  Bike Ride
Bill Hebert